When last in the outback I came across Dan and his Harley. Dan caught my eye as he pulled up near by and laid back on his ride and cracked open a few Jack Daniels to relax in the afternoon light as the heat melted from the day. I could see there was a story behind this guy and and how he came to pulling up near by, what lead him to this spot and our being here at the same point. I wondered over and started chatting about the obvious, the big new Harley. I mean it was a machine built for the road, a cruiser designed for long road trips and well to every red blooded male a dream ride.

As it turns out Dan, was a great bloke, down to earth and pretty chatty. He told me all about his life and how he worked on prawn trawlers for over 20 years, his family and his new life on the road exploring Australia. I thought wow, freedom. It must be a wonderful life experience and through the wrinkles and messed up grey hair, I knew he had lived a one interesting life thus far.

I told him I was a photographer and his bike would make a great subject, he agreed to sign a model release and next thing you know we are setting up on the road in the middle of outback Queensland, somewhere around Winton I believe, the clouds had gathered and I set up some lights. Lucky there was no traffic huh as the road was looking more like a movie set, but heck, this was a chance to get some great shots and Dan was more than willing to put in the effort. After about 45 mins and a few minor distractions, we got the shots that you see now.

When I returned home, I sent Dan a large digital file as agreed. His words make me smile as he said. “Man, I want to get this blown up the size of my bedroom wall, looks awesome mate!” I thought, well Dan, you don’t have any more walls, but I still take it as a compliment. Maybe one day when he settles down after his road trip, he might just get another wall. But I am not sure how long it will hold him.