So after a week at Burrendong Dam in west NSW, it was time to leave and went to sleep nice and early so that I would be refreshed and ready for a getaway to Dubbo. Now, lets just conform a few things here, the dam it self is down to 13% due to the lack of rain over the last decade. Of course on the radio rain was forecast for the coming days, should I take any notice? Well if anyone knows the accuracy of any weather man, the dam at 13% it wasn’t likely as I tucked myself into bed.

I woke at about 3am to the drips of rain over the roof, cant be much can it? Well it rained non stop until about 9am, however aside from a few wet spots, the van held up rather well.

At 9am, the rain stopped, it was the perfect chance to escape, so I hopped out and started the normal 20 minutes of tasks to get the truck hitched to the van, the legs lifted, the gas off, the heater off, the awning wound in, the chairs put away, connect the breaks and plugs and a few other essential duties. So I’m carefully tip toeing through the puddles to make sure I didn’t get wet feet and after about 5 mins, the heavens opened, a monsoon, a drought breaking dump of rain that would have hurried Noah and his clan. I was only just started and it was now too late for a retreat to the dry van, by now my feet were the last thing on my mind, I was wearing a jacket and jeans that were soundly saturated. It didn’t let up, if I wasn’t on high ground, I suspect my caravanning holiday may have turned out to be a boating holiday, not that is such a bad thing as there is some great fishing in this area.

After watching my wheel choc float down the now river, I chased after it and through the mud and swamp, I managed to face plant into what I assumed was old cow dung, at least it provided a softer landing, now drenched right through my bones and a face of suspected cow poo, I get back to my car, minus the choc,. The only thing now is to lift the legs, of course one leg now firmly stuck in mud, my ass sitting in the puddle trying to reef the remaining leg free, I wish I had bought that shovel instead of the axe. Digging with my hands its now free and lifts. Finally!!! I hitch the van and all is done. As I am about to take off, I look in the mirror and see the side step is still out, so as I growl in disgust, I exit the Ranger and place it back.

Of course my seats are soaked now as well, I start the car and drive off, but of course within a few more minutes, the rain ceases. Nice day if you ever get the chance to do it.

The camping life in all it’s glory and wetness.